macOS Spanish Dvorak Layout

macOS Spanish Dvorak Layout

With custom modifications

Every time I set up a new computer I struggle to set up my keyboard distribution since I never back it up. And using QWERTY makes me feel the task at hand is going to take forever, even if I'm just typing a couple of commands on the terminal since every symbol is a puzzle. So this is me taking care of my future self: you are welcome future me!

This time I found a well-crafted layout thanks to this blog post but I needed a couple of modifications for coding. And this one is a keeper! So I uploaded it to my Github account: macOS Spanish Dvorak Layout

How to Install

Download the repository from the link above and move the file to /Library/Keyboard\ Layout/

Then select "Dvorak Spanish" from the keyboard layout dropdown menu.

Keyboard layout dropdown menu

How to change the bindings

Open the bundle file with Ukelele and set the keyboard type("View"->"Keyboard type") to "Aluminium Wireless" for Macbooks

My custom modifications:

  • Switched ~ and ¢ so I can Option + 4 for ~
  • Added \ instead of to Option + the button left to number 1

Custom modifications